Managers’ holdings of shares and transactions

Asiakastieto Group Oyj has defined members of the Board of Directors and members of the Group Executive Team (including the CEO) as persons discharging managerial responsibilities in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) No 596/2014). The managers’ holdings of shares are presented in the below table. The table is updated in the beginning of each month based on the shareholders’ register of Asiakastieto Group Oyj and the notifications of managers’ transactions on the last day of the preceding month.

In accordance with the Securities Markets Act, the holdings of shares of the persons included in the public insider register, which terminated on July 2, 2016, are available here. The holdings as of July 2, 2016 will be available for the preceding 12 months.

Managers’ holdings of shares

Board of Directors

Person Ownership as of 31 August 2017
Carpén Petri
Harald Bo
Lapveteläinen Patrick [1] 10 000
– Holdings of Interest Parties 8 000
Månsson Carl-Magnus
Ronkainen Anni  –
Total 18 000

[1] Chairman of the Board

CEO and Executive Team

Person Ownership as of 31 August 2017
Julin Jari
Kallio Risto 2 712
Karemo Mikko 4 219
Kauppi Terhi 2 371
Koivula Heikki 9 040
Kumpu Esa
Muhonen Jouni 3 014
Ruuska Jukka [2] 60 000
Ylipekkala Heikki
Total 81 356

[2] CEO

Managers’ transactions

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