Asiakastieto in brief

Asiakastieto is a leading Finnish provider of business and consumer information services. Asiakastieto’s roots reach all the way back to the inception of the Finnish credit management industry when Asiakastieto’s predecessor was founded in 1905 by the largest Finnish banks, wholesalers and retail chains.

Asiakastieto’s products and services are primarily used for risk management, decision-making and sales and marketing purposes. Asiakastieto has a diversified customer base both in terms of customer concentration and industry exposure. Our key customer industries include banking and finance, insurance, telecommunication and wholesale and retail. Depending on the products and services, our offering is mainly used by our customers in B2B and B2C activities.

We offer a broad selection of services that are based on our comprehensive database. Data is acquired from several data sources as well as through our own data gathering processes. Our products range from basic report extracts to sophisticated risk management solutions.

Asiakastieto’s products are divided into four product areas

Business Information: Offers products and services for risk management and general business information needs. Customers used these service mainly in B2B transactions.

Consumer Information: Offers products and services for risk management and general information on private individuals as well as real-estate information services. Customers use these service mainly in B2C transactions.

Customer Management: Offers products and services for prospecting new customers as well as other sales and marketing purposes. The products and services are mainly used in B2B transactions

Certificates and Analyses: Offers credit rating certificates as well as valuation reports and other printed products

Asiakastieto’s net sales by product area (2015)


Asiakastieto’s financial targets 2017

The long-term financial targets of Asiakastieto are:

These financial targets constitute forward-looking statements that are not guarantees of future financial performance and Asiakastieto’s actual results of operations could differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. Any financial targets discussed herein are targets only and are not, and should not be viewed as forecasts, projections or estimates of the Company’s future performance.

Asiakastieto’s financial targets are based on a number of assumptions, including among others, assumptions as to the development of the Finnish economy and the development of the Company’s business operations. Key assumptions regarding the development of the Company’s business operations include the success of product and service development, launches of new products and services and retaining key customer accounts. These assumptions underlying the Company’s financial targets may not prove to be correct and the results of the Company’s operations may deviate significantly from financial targets.